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Valves are mechanical elements that regulate and control liquid or gas flow.

Valves control flow rate or pressure by changing flow passage area.

There are many types. For example:

  • Globe valves

  • Gate valves

  • Piston valves

  • Membrane valves

  • Spherical valves

  • Plug valves

  • Butterfly valves

  • Check valves

  • Control valves

  • Balance valves

  • etc.


Some of the information that valve designers and manufacturers can obtain from CFD analysis include:


  • Flow pattern in the valve

  • Flow rate through the valve

  • Pressure drop in the valve

  • Discharge coefficient

  • Pressure loss coefficient

  • Forces acting on the disc

  • Moments acting on the disc

  • Cavitation

  • Erosion

  • etc.

Click here for analysis examples related to flow control devices.

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