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Population increase and crowded cities have accelerated the construction of subway lines and subway tunnels between city centers and suburbs. The development of construction and manufacturing techniques, material technologies, the need to shorten distances and travel times, has caused an increase in highway and subway tunnels day by day.

One of the most important elements of fire safety is the prediction of smoke density and smoke spread, heat transfer, temperature distribution and visibility at the design stage.


The evaluation of effectiveness of mechanical systems such as jet fans, exhaust fans, fire dampers in case of fire,  checking if suitable conditions are provided for safe evacuation of the passengers and safety of fire fighters are carried out with CFD analyzes.

Some of the information that can be obtained by CFD analysis of fires that will occur in road tunnels, subway tunnels and subway stations are as follows:


  • Smoke concentration

  • Smoke propagation

  • Heat transfer

  • Temperature distribution

  • Air velocity

  • Visibility

  • etc.


Click here for project examples related to road tunnel, subway tunnel and subway station fires.

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