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One of the sectors in which CFD analyzes are used most intensively is the automotive sector.


Faster, less fuel consuming, more comfortable vehicles are designed with CFD analysis.

In automotive applications, some of the topics that can be examined and the information to be obtained with CFD analysis are as follows:


  • External aerodynamics

    • Aerodynamic forces and drag coefficient

  • Under hood flow

    • Air speed

    • Temperature

    • Component temperatures

  • In-cab comfort

    • Air speed

    • Heat

    • Heating, cooling time

    • Thermal comfort level

    • Average thermal perception

    • Active, passive zones

    • Condensation

  • Exhaust

    • Air speed

    • Pressure loss (back pressure)

    • Temperature distribution

  • Radiator

  • Intercooler

  • Fuel cells

  • Batteries, accumulators

  • Air filters

  • Oil and fuel filters

  • Hoses, pipes, air ducts

  • etc.


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