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Dr. Ertuğrul Alp Başeşme


Dr. Ertugrul Basesme graduated from Middle East Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department in 1988 with high honor degree, being first in his class. He continued graduate studies at Lehigh University Mechanical Engineering Department receiving Master of Science degree in 1990. He received PhD degree from Middle East Technical University Mechanical Engieering Department in 1998 due to his thesis titled “Solution of High Speed Flows Using Three-Dimensional Method of Characteristics”.

He started working at Roketsan R&D Department as aerodynamics engineer where he took active part in design and aerodynamics analysis of first Turkish artillery rocket. He became chief engineer at Roketsan in 1994 and worked as the systems group manager till the end of 1997.

He attended classes and training programs in various universites and companies in the USA, England, France, Belgium, Poland, Germany and China. His technical papers are published in national and international journals.

He is the founding partner of Punto Engineering, where he is helping companies to solve flow and thermal problems, improve product performance using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and analytical methods since 1997. He lectured more than 100 courses on flow and thermal analysis in various universities and companies.

He taught fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer courses in Atılım University, KTO Karatay University and University of Turkish Aeronautical Association between 2009-2016 as a university faculty.

Currently, he is providing consulting and CFD analysis services to leading industrial companies for solution of complex industrial flow and thermal problems.

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