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Today, local governments and related state institutions are making investments to eliminate the deficiencies of urban infrastructure and to protect the environment, and they are trying to eliminate the deficiencies.

During these works, the first priority is the supply and distribution of healthy water, and the second priority is the collection and treatment of wastewater and rain water.

CFD analyzes provide important information in water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants and urban infrastructure projects. Some of the information that can be obtained with CFD analysis are:

  • Suitability of mixer placement and capacity

  • Mixing efficiency and time

  • Required mixer power, thrust, flow

  • Water velocities in horizontal and vertical sections

  • Bubble movement in aerated tanks and racetracks

  • The risk of solid material settling and the areas where there will be settling

  • Residence time in the tank

  • Active and passive fields

  • etc.


Click here for examples of projects related to urban infrastructure .

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