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We provide Autodesk CFD training specific to your company.

To date, we have provided hundreds of trainings and trained hundreds of trainees.


In addition to the initial training, we shorten the learning process with training focused on your applications, products and current projects, and enable you to solve the flow and heat transfer problems with your inhouse engineering team in a short time.


You learn by doing, not by watching.


Some of the Autodesk CFD trainings given are:


•  Basic Autodesk CFD training (2 days)

•  Valve analysis training (2 days)

•  Electronics analysis training (2 days)

•  LED lighting products analysis training (2 days)

•  Turbomachinery (pump, turbine, fan) analysis training (2 days)

•  Thermal comfort analysis training (2 days)

•  Fire and smoke spread analysis training (2 days)

•  Free surface flow analyzes (2 days)

•  etc.

Please call for Autodesk CFD training specific to your company, and we will make the most suitable training program for you.

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